To Whom it Concern

To whom it may concern: 

My name is Andrew Huddleston and I am a transgender man. Meaning I am a male who was anatomically and chromosomally born female. Now I am on a journey to physically become the man I know I am.

I am not any different from Alyssa Dright, the name I was born with, before I made this revelation public. I still love to read, write, publish my work.

I love to ride my bike and skateboard, watching movies and hanging with my friends and family. 

I still love my cat Spanky. And my new puppy Eureka. I still love my family and my friends

I still aspire to be be great. A great friend, husband, brother, and son. Not a wife, sister, or daughter.

I’m compassionate and caring. Attentive and considerate. Kind and passionate.

After much mental debate, nervous breakdowns, and a life changing event. I finally accepted myself.

Now, I’m not perfect. I’m emotional and I sometimes still answer to my birthname and she/her pronouns. I’m still learning and still adjusting myself. It’s a hard transistion, for everyone to get used to; 

Being happy and living my life the way I dreamed, that’s human nature. And anything I can do to change it I will.

I will lose people. This I know. I already have. Important people. Insignificant people to my personal happiness.

I had to realize at some point that everything I did I would not be liked for it by everyone, and not everyone will have my best interests at heart. And that is the choice I made. 

I learned that not everyone agrees with me, or my decision. But no one knows the inner struggle I went through. That I am constantly going through. And that’s okay. 

I have accepted that some people also don’t want to accept my transition. And that too is okay. It is of no consequence to me. I will not suffer from lose in this stage of life. I am too old to worry about anyone’s opinion and everyone’s wants and needs, pushing my own to the side.

I wouldn’t go back on this decision for anything in the world. Mentally and emotionally I am free and open. I can talk with people and not feel like I’m being reprimanded and torn down. Physically I am no where near where I want to be in terms of medically transitioning. But it takes months, years even, to be at a stable setting in my life. 

I’m not rushing. I do want to move faster than I am. But taking my time, money, and most important my effort to become the best man I can be.

So to whom it may concern:

I am a transmale. And I am proud.


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