I’ve introduced myself to one of my neighbors as Andrew and it’s funny because I don’t ‘pass’. She smiled and introduced me to her daughter as Andrew when with my girlfriend. It was a nice day. Sometimes it’s sad that a neighbor you don’t know will accept you more than your family who are supposed to love you unconditionally. 

I guess because one is a fresh start and the other wants you to remain the same. 


The same neighbor misgenders me with the correct name. Then wonders why I have a male name 😒😒😒.

Because I am a male ma’am. She smiles politely and says she’s very open. 

Some days she would call us girls. Some days she’ll say guys. It’s a hit or miss. Depending on what I’m wearing I guess.

Just wish my entire family was that open and accepting. Maybe one day we’ll be there.


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