I hate that I can’t articulate my thoughts in a blog as well as I can in a story. I’ll hate a. Really good idea for a blog and then poof when I start writing it goes away. 

Then I’ll see someone else’s blog and think ‘Damn I wanted to write the same thing’, yet I can’t find the words and it frustrates me.

Maybe it’s because I’m somewhat private about my life, private to the point where writing about it for the public to see is uncomfortable. 

But I want to break out of my comfort zone. Be open and honest with anyone who asks.

I wanted to be a writer because I wanted to share my stories with other people. I didn’t do it because I wanted fame and fortune. I did it because maybe, just maybe, someone would like my story as much as I liked my story when I wrote it.

I’ve made a new resolution to write just a little more. Hopefully publish my second novel by years end and a get out a few upcoming short stories.

I wanna start to blog a few experiences coming up as a black transman. But I think it’ll be easier for my to write it as a short story from another’s point of view.

Just anything to clear my mind and open my heart to the world.


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