Day 1 5/26/16

I decided I couldn’t handle the anticipation and caved. My shot days are now every Thursday for two weeks and then weekly after this first month but I might switch it to Friday’s once I’m weekly. I’m not expecting any miracle grow, being on .1mL at the moment because my Doctor just wants to make sure I’m not having any kind of reaction to the cottonseed oil(which is understandable), but I feel whole and complete. I’m guessing it’s a mentality thing, like finally being to a point in your journey where you are going to actually start seeing results. 

My final photo being  preT. Photos will be monthly unless there is any real significant change to my face. I did a full body one but it wasn’t naked or anything because I hate being in a state of undress unless I’m showering. I might do one later but I’ll never have that preT one again(cue fake tears)

So in summary, every month on the 26th(June 26th being the twin cities pride parade) will be a new month. A new photo. And hopefully a new change.



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