Week 1

Today I am one week on testosterone. Nothing has changed except it seems I’m a bit more irritable than normal. My appetite has also changed. I’m not super hungry, no more than normal at least but it’s harder to ignore. And I have the same energy as normal. I am a tired a lot more but I push through, I have to work five days a week nearly ten hour shifts, so I can’t allow sluggishness to weigh me down.

I have five weeks til my next appointment to have my dose upped from the small amount I’m on. By then I will also be weekly instead of bi-weekly. Hopefully that will get rid of the irritability I’m having.

I’m working on changing my name and gender marker. My trans advocate says I don’t need to change my birth certificate just yet to have a different gender marker, since Illinois states you must have some form of gender reassignment surgery before they will consider changing it.

I am getting closer to setting up a consultation with my chosen top surgeon, if she is still available. One of her requirements is that you must live as your gender for a year or longer, which is fine with me because I plan on moving to a cheaper apartment or house to save more money and be able to take the allotted time off without worrying about bills.

Hopefully I can get everything straigtened out within the next few weeks.

Until next time. 


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