Self medicating is battling temptation everyday of the week. You just want to take your next shot as soon as you can.

I take my shot Thursday’s. And for the first month I have to take it every two weeks. My doctor wants to make sure I’m not allergic to it. Then I can go every week there after. It sucks that I can’t do every week yet. I want to. I stare at the box all my medicine and needles are locked in and say, “what’s stopping me from doing it weekly?” Because my doctor said so? What would she know? She wouldn’t.

But I would. And would I really be able to live with myself knowing that I disobeyed her direct order of my safety just to try and receive faster results?

The answer: No, not at all.

So here I am waiting four more days til my second shot.

Oh the joys of self-medicating.


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