Month 1 6/26/16

Pretty big day over the weekend. Not only was it the Minneapolis Pride festival, it was also my one month on Manniversary.


No changes physically, at least my girlfriend hasn’t noticed anything. And I look in the mirror daily so I wouldn’t notice much.

I’ve had a sore throat since Friday 6/24/16, after my 3rd shot. I now also start weekly shots henceforth. I’m still afraid of the needle even though I know it doesn’t hurt. I also realized I can’t get shots from my girlfriend like I thought I would be able to. It just hurts too much. I realized this after my second shot, I tensed real bad and reacted negatively to her shooting me and had to be stuck twice.

Mentally I’m exhausted. I’m waiting on results and it’s making my anxiety and depression flare up, not to the point of crippling me again but it makes me check every mirror, to search for changes. I just want to look like how I dream of looking.

My depression that I’ve been battling has shifted from not knowing when I would get approved for T to more what is next. Name change? Top surgery? Bottom? I have no idea where I want to begin because money is tight.

I’m a bit more lethargic when it comes to waking up in the morning and it almost takes me a full 20 minutes to get out of bed on the weekends. I don’t usually take a nap because I work all day during the week and sleep in late on the weekends. Since starting T, taking a nap sounds more and more appealing.

I started a diet to help lose a little weight, it’s not much but it’s a start. I’m on a low calorie diet, 1500 a day which is hard for me since I’m so used to eating what I want when I want. I don’t snack throughout the day and night, except when I’m low in calories for the day. Then I’ll eat something high in protein like some nuts or boiled chicken or some fruit if I have any.

I’m not as active as I’m trying to be — I ride a bike to work, 2.2 miles both ways. — But I have also added a light home workout until I can get another gym membership at the gym two doors down from where I work.

All in all my first month has been a bit of a dull one. Just adjusting to the hormonal change and waiting for possible changes. 

  1 month, couple days on T   
Final Pre-T photo 




    1. Thank you. I’m working through not searching the mirror every week to try and see some kind of change. But it’s a hard process when you’ve wanted something for so long.


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