4 months 9/26/16

TW seperating by ~~~

I want to start with two weeks before my four months. I FINALLY came out to my client and his wife, coincidentally right before my voice dropped again.

We(my girlfriend came along as well) went out to Great Moon Buffet for dinner and had a pretty good time. The conversation flowed and food was good.

Me and my girlfriend debated throughtout the entire afternoon about me coming out but I didn’t want to at the restaurant. So when we returned to their house to retrieve her car we went in and told them.

They were very open and accepting and everything I wanted it to be. His wife understands more than my client, him having onset dementia, and she actually asked how far along I am and what other steps would I be taking, in regards to me having to miss work or anything. 

Not much physically has happened in the last month, my face filled out and my voice went an octave or two lower. I have an appointment in two weeks and will be asking to increase my dosage. My voice did drop from my 2 month mark to my 4 month mark so I’m happy to notice that. 

My biggest wish was facial hair and I’m seeing a bit more peaking out on my chin and my upper lip, but not much. I’m taking biotin and occasionally using minoxidil. It’s not everyday because I forget but when I remember I try to do it at least once a day.


I have not received a menstrual this month like my unexpected one in Sept.(I missed the entire month of Aug.) But I did have this weird sporadic pressure on my pelvis around the time it should have visited, it is definitely something to bring up to my doc at my appointment.

My left breast is still smaller than the right and there’s not much change to them. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not another underlying problem. Something to bring up at my appointment as well


I’ve filled out all the paperwork to have my name change filed but I will be talking with an advocate at the clinic I frequent to make sure I filled them out properly and the right ones. I would hate to not fill it out properly or fill it out and it not be the right one, causing a delay in my process.

Working out is easy! Well not really; its hardwork and with my mental stress in my life I force myself to walk the few storefronts down to the gym  and get on the treadmill then do some upper body work. But actually getting on the treadmill and running is something that I couldn’t do for more than 5 minutes without getting completely tired. Now I can go a mile in less than 15 mins and do it multiple times a day. I’m not making much progress losing weight but I can see the definition of muscle in my shoulders and legs.

Something I haven’t really done in a few months is work on my writing. I have multiple pieces, including a full length novel that I haven’t looked at in months. Moving, along with starting Testosterone, and dealing with sporadic bouts of depression, writing has been the last thing on my mind. I still have a short story I’m working on but that too has taken a backseat in my mind. I want to restart my passion. I did shortly but it’s just a here and there and nothing to officially post, not yet at least. I hope to have something by the years end. Just to give myself some time.

All in all this last month I’ve had ups and downs, but I’m making the most of it

4 months on T



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