Update 3/26/17

I am now 10 months on T and I haven’t done an update since my 5 months so here I am. ^~^

Last time I reported no change in much of anything and I stand by it to a certain extent. I had an appointment to get my levels checked on 4/4 and will have to wait the 2 weeks to know if I’ll get an increase or not. Though I’m not counting on it to be honest.

I had an appointment in February with my hormone doctor and they decided to not increase my dose again. As of  late, I’ve been experiencing mood swings, angry outbursts along with bouts of lethargy, and coupled with depression has me feeling less than normal.

I had a milestone appointment March 21st for a consult for Top Surgery! I met with Dr. Marie Claire Buckley at the University of Minnesota and I was both parts excited and nervous. This will be my first major surgery unless something comes up between now and my set date (I don’t plan on that to happen). Dr. Buckley was an amazing and chill doctor. She came and after all the pleasantries and introductions we got down to business.

I will be having double incisions which I figured and even if I did qualify for another procedure I would still want that one. Because of my weight she figures my scars will have to stretch back under my armpits to avoid dog ears. She’s pretty far booked out so hopefully when I start weight training I can lose some fat and hopefully reduce the length of my scars

I’ve spoken with my insurance company twice, yes twice, to confirm that any transition related surgeries would be covered, which they are. For those wondering, I have BlueCross BlueShield through MinnesotaCare. I had recently received an amendum to their policy to note that not only do they cover gender confirmation surgery  they also changed it from sex reassignment surgery.

Since I haven’t updated I am posting all of my latest update photos. Top left: 6 months Top Left: 7 months Bottom right: 8 months Bottom left: 9 months

10 months


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