Anniversary!!! 5/26/17

I am 1 year on Testosterone and I am eternally grateful for the experience and privilege to be able to transition with relative ease.

I went on 5/20 to a concert of my favorite artist at a local club. I consider that my celebration because not only did I get to see him, I got some merch and got a shirt and a hat signed and also a picture with him. Now, my actual anniversary was a mellow event. It was on a Friday so I worked from 8am-5pm and went home to lounge. I spent it with my loves; my girlfriend of four years and my dog. We ate junk food and watched movies once she was off work herself.

I mentally reflected where I am now to where I was a year ago and I smiled, because I may not be where I want to be or how I envisioned myself in a years time but I am happy where I am, as I stated it’s a privilege not many people can receive.

I started to go to therapy earlier in the month of May to just talk and relieve some pressure I’ve been feeling in my transition and how it affects me, my partner, my family, and my friends. I do feel slightly better knowing there is an outside perspective with an unbiased opinion on the situation.

I had an appointment with my T doctor June 10th just as a year check-in. I’ve had my levels checked twice in the last year once on a Saturday morning where my levels were over 1000 by a dozen or so points and once on a Tuesday where my levels were sitting on the lower end between the 500 range. 

After explaining my symptoms (lethargy, irratibilty, and mild abdominal cramping along with a few others) and body progress has been stagnant for six months now, my doctor agreed and FINALLY decided to finally raise my dose from 40mg to 60mg weekly. Me and my partner told her we would update her in the coming months on how raising my dose changes my mood or if in need to dial back.

All in all I would say I’m in a better place than I was last year. I hate that I have to wear a binder for another year but I’m well on my way to getting that taken care of as well. I’ve already met with my surgeon of choice and I’m still waiting for approval but it’s looking good. Hopefully by the time I have my 2 year anniversary next year.

For now I will continue to take life day by day and hopefully I’ll see changes in the coming months. Here is my final photo pre-hrt and my 1 year photo.


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